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A nice picture drawn by my grandson Tommy, of his slingshot :)      

                                          Custom wood frame slingshots

We specialize in laminated forks, and exotic woods. along with American hardwoods.

      We like to use choice, kiln dried hardwoods, for our frames.  Some designs are double slotted band hookups .

      Some of the other designs, are made to shoot over the top.     Of course all of my slingshots will come complete with power flatbands, and ready to shoot. 

  We ship all over America and the world!  Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Contact Me: for quotes on custom forks.

Tom Nelson

          607 546 2211



   If you happen to see a slingshot that you like on this site, contact me, and I will do my best to make you one just like it.


            check out the photo gallery, and see if there is one you may like.                                                                                       





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